Silver Horde — Gold Star Downrigger Rudders, F4 Piscator Flashers & Kingfisher Spoons

Yesterday I visited Kelly at Silver Horde. We’ve known each other for more than 30 years and during that time visits to their Lynnwood Washington store has always brought a smile to my face. My reason for visiting was simple — replace some items not available locally. Specifically, downrigger rudders. Over the years these rudders have accompanied my downrigger balls and helped attract more fish. Anglers always ask me, what is that thing on your downrigger ball? My answer, it’s a fish magnet!

Silver Horde Downrigger Rudder

Special LFS downrigger rudder custom color

LFS (Lumi Fishing Supply) in Bellingham Washington custom designed the color of this awesome looking Silver Horde downrigger rudder. They will be available at the LFS booth at the Seattle Boat Show. Today I tried one and it worked great!

Notice the heavy mono line at the end. I use 500 pound mono with glow tubing over the mono and crimp a clip for the rudder side and a Scotty downrigger clip for the fishing line side. This works great for me.

Silver Horde salmon flashers work best

These F4 Piscator flashers work great for me. So great I had to buy enough for guiding in Alaska this summer.

How much do I love these F4 Piscator flashers? Judging by yesterday’s purchase, I love them lots! These flashers will help attract salmon to my lures and baits while fishing locally and will no doubt help my Whaler’s Cove Lodge guests in Alaska catch more fish.

After telling Kelly about the clouds of bait around Protection Island and the small baits the blackmouth have been eating, he showed me their brand new #2 size Kingfisher spoon. The spoon is the same size as the little baits the fish are feeding on, so I left the store stocked with enough spoons to give them a try. Within a few minutes of lowering the spoon near bottom, wham, fish on the port side. Throughout the day we hooked three blackmouth on the spoons, fished behind an F4 glow Piscator flasher with a 36 inch 30 pound leader. When using spoons that their own action, I typically use a longer leader than would be customary on one of my squids. And since this is a small spoon 30 pound leader enabled great action on the spoon. Heavier leader would likely rob some of the action from the spoon.

Fishing for Puget Sound Salmon With Spoons

This winter blackmouth Chinook salmon went for Silver Horde size 2 Kingfisher spoon behind and F4 Piscator flasher

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John Beath is a writer, photographer, videographer, blogger, tackle manufacturer & Captain at Whaler's Cove Lodge in Southeast Alaska. He is also owner of and host at Lets Talk Outdoors @
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