The Humps Salmon Fishing Map

the humps

The Humps can be outrageously great fishing. The Humps are located between Ediz Hook and Freshwater Bay. As you can see there’s three distinct humps surrounded by deep and shallow water. This is trolling territory and requires your utmost attention to maintain a proper troll. Like most areas you need to keep your lure or bait within a few feet of bottom.

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The best troll is the 90 to 140-foot contour and begins at the buoy and continues along the Humps until it turns to the West. I’ve caught fish on both tides, high and low but like many areas of Area 6 I like an outgoing current at the Humps. The shallow area circled in yellow often holds bait and blackmouth but few anglers troll this area because it is only 70 to 90-feet deep. Don’t let the depth stop you from venturing out of the “standard” contour troll line, this shallow area can produce great fishing at times. Again, watch for bait and don’t be afraid to venture shallow or deep in search of the bait. During outgoing tides venture shallow. During incoming the bait could be shallow or deep.

Best depths: 90 to 140-feet.

Best methods: trolling within 5 to 10-feet of bottom.

Best trolling lures: mini FAT Squids, Squiddy Squids, Coho Killers, Kingfisher Spoons and Floochies.

Boat launches: Best access is from Ediz Hook launch or Port of Port Angles launch.


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