Salmon Tackle Special

We are offering a super special deal, only available for four days or until 10 specials have been sold. Check it out and purchase here.


Salmon Special, 15 great salmon lures, tubing & beads

Click This Link to Order From Our Salmon Fishing Tackle Site > Salmon Lure Special

You can pay with any credit card through PayPal’s secure server. Orders will be shipped within one day of ordering unless ordered on Saturday, two days. Here’s what is included in the special. 4 mini FAT Squids, (glow, UV, white, chartreuse) 3 King Kandy lures (white hole herring, black chrome cut-plug, cop car candlefish) six three packs of Floochies. Each Floochie has a fly insert and all are either UV or Glow with Mylar and other enhanced fibers to attract salmon. (watermelon, UV purple glitter, UV green glitter, super UV, white, glow) glow tubing, UV tubing, two packages of glow beads. That’s 25 lures plus tubing and beads for just $67.50 plus shipping. To order click here >>>Salmon Lure Special

About John L. Beath

John Beath is a writer, photographer, videographer, blogger, tackle manufacturer & Captain at Whaler's Cove Lodge in Southeast Alaska. He is also owner of and host at Lets Talk Outdoors @
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