King Kandy Salmon Fishing Lures – Hot New Colors for a Hot New Lure

King Kandy Fishing Lures

King Kandy in Hot New Colors

The 2014 fishing season brought about the introduction of the hottest new lure of the year – the King Kandy Plugs.  Invented by Dave Sanford of Sequim, WA who also invented Dungeness Stingers and the increasingly popular rotators, this plug was made by anglers for anglers and tested in the field for several years before production began.  This lure is all about catching fish.

King salmon, coho salmon, chum salmon and pink salmon love King Kandy lures.

King salmon, coho salmon, chum salmon and pink salmon love King Kandy lures.

Fish hit this high-action spinning lure hard and they hit it fast.  The lure barely hit the water before this salmon grabbed the hook.

fishing lures

The 3 styles of King Kandy in the popular Cop Car Color

For anyone who hasn’t yet tried the King Kandy it comes in 3 styles, Whole Herring, Cut Plug Herring, and Candlefish.  The whole herring and cut plug styles have an internal chamber with a sponge to soak up your favorite fish-catching scent.  You can find King Kandy online at

candlefish plug

King Kandy Candlefish in Hot Pink

All the great colors from last season are back.  This year they are joined by 5 bright and colorful new choices.   The two smaller lures, candlefish and cut plug now come in hot pink.  Everyone’s favorite color for catching humpies.

high action fishing lure

King Kandy Cut Plug in Sardine

Blue and Green penetrate farther through the water column than most other colors, and the new sardine color has both.   Fish may hit blue, green, or chartreuse lures more on an incoming tide.  It’s good to keep a variety of colors on hand because the colors fish hit can change with the tides as well as the amount of light in the water, the location of the fishing hole, and the life stage of the fish.

brightly colored fishing lure

King Kandy Whole Herring in Wonder Bread color

On an outgoing tide fish may prefer something more colorful like the new wonder bread King Kandy lure.  Mature fish also like bright colors.

fishing lures

King Kandy Whole Herring in Chartreuse

When visiting a new area or even just starting on a familiar one at the beginning of the day, using colors like chartreuse or the old standby white gives you a good chance to catch something and find out what’s there.

catch more fish

King Kandy Candlefish in Blue Pearl

Blue Pearl has been a favorite color of the Point Wilson Darts for many years for one reason – it works.  Now Blue Pearl is available in the King Kandy too.  Whichever colors you choose one thing is for sure – if the fish are out there having King Kandy on the boat increases your odds of catching them.

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