Whaler’s Cove Lodge Opens Saturday June 14th


Whaler’s Cove Lodge opens next Saturday, until then the crew busily works on getting the lodge ready for guests. The hard-working mechanics must get all of the boats de-winterized and ready to launch, a daunting task. My boat, “JIL” sat lonely through the winter beneath some spruce trees. The crew will pressure wash her, as well as adding some new rod holders after all of the other pre work and then launch her today.

As soon as she goes into the water the enjoyable task of getting her ready to fish will begin. This year I brought six new nine foot downrigger rods, five salmon/bottomfish jigging rods, six halibut rods, and a few new reels, including a left-handed line counter for the lefties who fish with me. Point Wilson Dart’s brand new King Kandy lures will also get some water time this year, probing the depths for king, coho and chum salmon. These lures should work great. Two new colors of mini FAT Squids will also see some action behind new Silver Horde Flashers. Prior to coming to Alaska Kelly at Silver Horde in Lynnwood picked out some lures to try as well as my shopping list of lures the fish love here in Angoon. Hootchies, spoons, salmon flies and other goodies will no doubt get to see the insides of lots of salmon mouths.

ImageHead Guide Capt. Andy at the helm after picking up a couple of guides from the float plane dock. It’s all smiles and lots of fish with Andy.

We have three new guides this season, all of who will do some test fishing between now and Saturday. It’s a BIG area here, with over 500 square miles of fish-infested calm waters to explore and drop lines.

As the season progresses watch Salmon Chronicles and Halibut Chronicles for new stories. I will include images as well as techniques used to trick fish into biting.

Tight Lines,

ImageAnother Pacific Cod caught during our test fishing.

ImageTraining a new guide on the Killisnoo Queen.

ImageThis year I’ll be wearing a new Mustang self-inflating vest.

About John L. Beath

John Beath is a writer, photographer, videographer, blogger, tackle manufacturer & Captain at Whaler's Cove Lodge in Southeast Alaska. He is also owner of www.halibut.net and host at Lets Talk Outdoors @ www.youtube.com/jbeath
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